Terminal Operators

The terminals of the Port of Trieste, managed by private operators under Italian Law 84/94, are located in the docks area of the Port and are equipped with modern technology for handling, transportation and storage at the service of all types of traffic: containerised cargo, fruit and vegetables (potatoes, onions, oranges, nuts, etc.), coffee, grains, metals, engines, steel and chemical products, timber, dry and liquid bulk, crude oil and derivative products, etc. In addition to the terminal operators, several other companies operate in the Port of Trieste under permits to perform port services and operations, under art. 16, Italian Law 84/94, as well as the company charged with providing temporary staff, under art. 17, Italian Law 84/94.
The oil terminal for the Transalpine Pipeline, which supplies the main refineries in Central Europe, is the biggest generator of traffic in the Port of Trieste.
The container terminal on Pier VII has been one of the prime players in the development of container traffic.
The terminal offers a comprehensive range of services for handling, storage and intermodal transport for customers in Northern Italy and Central and Eastern Europe and boasts the quay with the deepest natural draught in the Mediterranean of 18 metres.

General Cargo Terminal, Adria Terminal
1.   Romani & C. S.p.a. (www.romanige.it)
2.   Saipem S.p.a. (www.saipem.com)
Passenger Terminal, Pier IV and Maritime Station
3.   Trieste Terminal Passeggeri S.p.a. (www.triesteterminalpasseggeri.it)
4.   Trieste Terminal Passeggeri S.p.a. (www.triesteterminalpasseggeri.it)
Ro-Ro Terminal, Riva Traiana and Pier V
5.   Samer Seaports & Terminals S.r.l. (www.samer.com)
Fruit Terminal, Pier V
6.   Terminal Frutta Trieste S.p.a.
General Cargo Terminal, Warehouses 58-66
7.   Romani & C. S.p.a.
8.   Romani & C. S.p.a
Multipurpose Terminal, Pier VI
9.   Europa Multipurpose Terminals (EMT) (www.emterminals.com)
Grain Terminal, Pier VI
10.   Promolog S.r.l.
Coffee Terminal, Pier VII
11.   Pacorini Silocaf S.r.l. (www.pacorini.it)
Ro-Ro Terminal, Berth 47-48
12.   Trieste Intermodal Maritime Terminal (T.I.M.T.) S.r.l.
Container Terminal, Pier VII 
13.   Trieste Marine Terminal (T.M.T.) S.p.a. (www.trieste-marine-terminal.com)
Ferry Terminal
14.   Trieste Terminal Passeggeri S.p.a. (www.triesteterminalpasseggeri.it)
Multipurpose Terminal, Timber Terminal
15.   General Cargo Terminal S.p.a. (www.gcterminal.com)
Metals Terminal, Ironworks
16.   Siderurgica Triestina S.r.l.
Oil Terminal
17.   S.I.O.T. S.p.a. (www.tal-oil.com)
Oil Products Terminal
18.   Depositi Costieri S.p.a.
Navigable Channel Terminal (cement, industrial products, chemicals, frozen goods)
20.   Ortolan Mare S.r.l.
21.   Alder S.p.a. (www.alder.it)
22.   Cimsa Adriatico S.r.l. (www.cimsa.com.tr)
23.   Frigomar S.r.l. (www.frigomartrieste.com)
Oil Products Terminal, Aquilinia
24.   Kri S.p.a.