Rail Intermodal Network

Statistics – Railway traffic

Rail services and links play a vital role in the logistics chain centring around the Port. In fact, Trieste is the most important railway port in Southern Europe, with 70 km of track serving all the docks and making it possible to assemble freight trains directly in the various terminals.

In addition to container transport by rail, unaccompanied combined transport is another important type of intermodal service now available in the Port, whereby only unaccompanied semi-trailers are loaded onto trains.

Rail services are available with different frequencies to Austria, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Switzerland; the destinations for domestic connections are Milan Certosa and Padua/ Bologna.

Intermodal services are provided by Adriafer S.r.l., which organises intermodal, combined transport for the various goods in the so-called last mile of the port area, and by Alpe Adria S.p.a., a multimodal transport operator which manages various forms of conventional transport in a single logistical cycle.

The meeting of the strategic TEN-T “Motorways of the Sea” with the European Baltic-Adriatic and Mediterranean rail corridors offers an extremely exciting prospect for Trieste.

The existing transport terminuses in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region (Ports of Trieste, Monfalcone and Porto Nogaro, freight terminals in Gorizia and Fernetti and logistics centre in Cervignano) or those planned (logistics platform in Trieste) will fit perfectly into this strategic axis of European development. Furthermore, Trieste is set to become the hub of the Mediterranean Corridor and the Baltic-Adriatic Corridor, which will reach the Polish port of Gdansk via Austria and the Czech Republic. These intermodal land axes will complement Project no. 21 (“Motorway of the Sea of South-East Europe”) which aims to develop Ro-Ro and ferry services with Albania, Greece, Turkey and other countries bordering the Mediterranean, thereby connecting the Adriatic Sea to the Ionian Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean.