Port Masterplan

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Integrated environmental assessment study
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Port Master Plan

The original Master Plan of the Port of Trieste was approved in 1957; 24 variants were subsequently made and new Plan is now approved.

The new Port Master Plan was drawn up to replace/revise the original plan, in order to have an updated, approved planning instrument for developing the port.

The new Plan was approved by the Port Committee on 19 May 2009 after obtaining the necessary agreements from the municipalities concerned, namely Trieste and Muggia.

Once adopted, the Plan was submitted to the Board of Public Works, to obtain the opinion required by Italian Law 84/94 (article 5, subsection 3). The Board of Public Works issued a favourable opinion on 21 May 2010 after making a series of requests to the Port Authority for additional information and clarifications.

The main works planned are summarised as follows:

  • Elongation Pier VII
  • Ro-Ro Terminal Noghere
  • New Pier VIII
  • Logistics Platform Lot 1

Logistics Platform

The project involves the creation of docks in the zone between the Timber Terminal and the Servola Ironworks for a total area of 247,000 sq.m of which 140,000 sq.m currently occupied by water.

The project is divided into two lots.

Value of Lot 1 of the project: Euro 132 million

Project financing:

  • Euro 70 million in funds from Trieste Port Authority;
  • Euro 32 million under Finance Act ICEP resolution 32/2006;
  • Euro 30 million in private funding.

Lot I technical data:

  • Total area (ha) 12.27
  • Length of docks (m) 480.0
  • Area of dock wall (ha) 6.52
  • Volume land reclaimed (m3) 24,884.0
  • olume sea reclaimed (m3) 10,456.0

The Trieste Port Authority has also programmed Lot II of the project, consisting of the construction of a dock that extends around 600 metres towards the one currently used by the Servola Ironworks. The investment will cost a total of Euro 184.5 million, currently awaiting funding.