North Adriatic Ports Association (NAPA)


The Chairmen of the Ports of Trieste, Venice, Ravenna, Koper (Slovenia) and Rijeka (Croatia) established the North Adriatic Ports Association (NAPA) on 1 March 2010. By founding this association, the North Adriatic ports formally agreed to cooperate to create appropriate synergies when carrying out promotional activities at many different levels (regional, national, European, international) in order:

  • to have the North Adriatic ports assume the role as European logistics platform for traffic from the Far East to Europe and to and from Central and Eastern Europe;
  • to promote coordinated planning of the development of road, rail, maritime, IT and telecommunications infrastructure at the service of the Northern Adriatic;
  • to eliminate the constraints and infrastructure problems that are holding back the development of the North Adriatic Ports;
  • to develop joint lobbying of national governments and other public entities in order to simplify and harmonise regulations, timing and procedures governing port operations, including customs and health procedures, and all other procedures relating to ships and cargo involved in transport through the ports, taking into account the specific international and national laws relating to free ports and free zones.

In particular, the Association promotes initiatives and actions to develop the following areas:

  • tangible and intangible maritime and shore relationships with the foreland and hinterland of the ports, in order to expand their respective target markets; specific attention is given to the railway sector, seen as an essential way to improve competitiveness between port clusters as well as a key part of the sustainable development of land transport in Italy and Europe;
  • cruise and passenger services;
  • environmental protection and quality;
  • safety and security;
  • training;
  • ITC services applied to the port sector.

The Association also promotes cooperation with logistics centres in their respective hinterlands.

Right from the start, NAPA has demonstrated the validity of its strategy, based primarily on the competitiveness of the ports, but also on a spirit of cooperation, developed at national, European and international level. Its many successes include the container shipping services linking the NAPA ports with the Far East, the EU recognition of the Baltic-Adriatic Corridor and the accreditation of the Association with the European Union.

The ports of the Association present themselves together on the international market as one large hub by jointly organising, managing and participating in trade fairs, conferences and events dedicated to the markets of the Far East, the Eastern Mediterranean and Central and Central-Eastern Europe, and by jointly publishing information and promotional materials as well as articles in the press.

The Port Authority of Ravenna ceased to be a member of NAPA in January 2013.