Development and Investment Opportunities

Three Year Operating Plan

The principal infrastructure investments contained in the Three Year Operating Plan are listed below

  • Logistics Platform – Lot 1 – construction of a new terminal connected to the Trieste motorway link road and the rail network outside the port with a dock approx. 600 m. in length and 14 m. depths. Amount euro 132 million
  • Logistics Platform – Lot 2 – continuation of the above work with creation of equipped yards and new docks, from which the future Pier VIII will extend. Amount euro 184.5 million
  • Campo Marzio Rail Terminal, a new terminal next to the port boundary, consisting of an outer 4-track rail ramp served by a rail-mounted gantry crane, for more efficient management of the Port’s rail transport needs. Amount euro 10 million
  • Total planned expenditure: euro 326.5 million


Situation in 2013 (at 30 June)
The Port’s planning department has managed the following investment expenditure in the first half of 2013 alone:

  • Award of public works contracts: 3,734,660.34 €
  • Engineering services: 739,059.69 €

Other services:

  • European projects: 23,046.76 €
  • General services: 3,041,497.14 €
  • Environmental remediation: 345,393.39 €
  • Total: 3.409.937,39 €

Logistics platform: 132,430,000.00 €
Grand total: 140,283,657.42 €