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Adriafer S.r.l. is a company set up by the Trieste Port Authority and wholly owned by the same; it started its activities in 2004 and holds a concession from the Trieste Port Authority as the sole operator permitted to move rail wagons and trains within the Port of Trieste, organising its operations in a “synergic” fashion with rail freight carriers and all the terminal operators within the Port.
The various manoeuvres of rolling stock are performed by the company’s team of skilled workers (currently numbering 30) using suitable machinery and equipment, in particular three Henschel DHG 700 diesel locomotives and two Zephir Lok 10170 diesel rail-road shunters.
The service is provided 365 days a year, in order to respond operationally to all the logistical needs of port users.
Adriafer S.r.l. moves ordinary and special rolling stock for all operators and terminal operators working within the Port, ensuring that rail convoys are collected and despatched from the external point of delivery in accordance with agreed timetables.
There are currently strong, positive signs of continued growth in volumes and rail traffic within the Port of Trieste, resulting from the Port Authority’s focused development policy pursued in recent years. The role of Adriafer S.r.l. at this juncture is therefore all the more strategic, with the focus on providing valuable and continuous support to rail sector development on national and international routes, as well as on implementing intermodal and combined transport services for freight from and within the Port of Trieste.
One of the primary objectives is therefore to respect lead times and to continuously accommodate the plans and operating needs of the various terminal operators, by providing a flexible and orderly method of organising rail convoys in accordance with the wishes of terminal operators and with requirements for loading and unloading ships and for storing the cargo being transported.



Porto di Trieste Servizi is the multi-utility company responsible for managing certain services defined as “Services of general interest” relating to the Port and to technological innovation.
The company serves port users, the Port Authority itself, and the institutional bodies located within the Port of Trieste.
The services comprise:

  • management of the water supply to ensure the provision of drinking water to concession holders and ships at berth;
  • environmental management, involving the cleaning of the common port areas, the collection of waste and the cleaning of water expanses;
  • management of public lighting and local electricity distribution network;
  • management of port technological systems including emergency services;
  • management of IT infrastructure (telephones and data network) and applications for port users.



Trieste Terminal Passeggeri S.p.a was set up in 2007 by the Trieste Port Authority, which subscribed to all the company’s share capital of Euro 750,000. It is currently 60% owned by Trieste Adriatic Maritime Initiatives (TAMI) and 40% by the Trieste Port Authority.
The company was founded under art. 23, subsection 5, of Italian Law 84 dated 28 January 1994, which allowed Port Authorities to promote the establishment of companies for the performance of services of general interest, as identified by the Ministry of Transport and Navigation’s Decree dated 14 November 1994 in art. 1, letter E “Management of marine passenger terminals and passenger support services”.
The company provides and develops, in return for payment, the “service of general interest” involving the management of marine passenger terminals and passenger support services (management of embarkation and disembarkation to/from cruise ships, mega yachts and pleasure boats and ancillary services, such as those required by the International Ships and Port Facilities Security Code (ISPS), hold baggage checks, hand luggage checks, quay preparation and security, baggage handling, operation of available commercial space, both directly and in outsourcing, for the provision of services such as restaurants, bars, shops, luggage storage etc.).
The company has a 25-year concession running from 1 January 2008 to operate the Cruise Terminal, located on Molo Bersaglieri (Bersaglieri Pier), near the city’s central square of Piazza dell’Unità d’Italia, the Passenger Terminal on Pier IV and the Ferry Terminal at Berth 57 in the New Port. In addition, the company holds the concession to the car parks on Pier IV and along the Trieste waterfront.
Trieste Terminal Passeggeri S.p.a is committed to the development of activities relating to passenger traffic in the Port of Trieste, in particular:

  • Cruises
  • Super yachts / pleasure boats
  • Ferries and hydrofoils
  • Conferences, congresses and events
  • Public transport
  • Waterfront and Pier IV car parks



Alpe Adria S.p.a. is a multimodal transport operator (M.T.O.) that coordinates road, rail and sea carriers in order to organise and handle intermodal and combined transportation of goods and consignments. The Trieste Port Authority, Friulia S.p.a. (the private equity investment arm of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region) and Trenitalia S.p.A. (State Railways Group) all hold an equal stake in the company, which is an associated member of U.I.R.R., the Brussels-based union of European logistics companies.
For years Alpe Adria S.p.a. has worked on developing national and international relations for the region’s three ports – Trieste, Monfalcone and Porto Nogaro – as well as for its other intermodal logistics centres. The company runs a comprehensive network of links between North-East Italy and Central and Eastern Europe. It has strongly developed its business in intermodal container transport and combined road-rail transport (Ro-La), and is now in a position to apply its know-how to other sectors by expanding its operations into conventional transport.



Istituto di Cultura Marittimo Portuale di Trieste (Trieste Institute of Maritime and Port Culture) is an entity established by the Trieste Port Authority in 2009 with the following mission:

  • to promote the cultural heritage available to the Trieste Port Authority, and allow the public to benefit;
  • to carry out cultural initiatives and vocational training relating to the maritime-port field, with particular reference to personnel working in the Port of Trieste;
  • to create a museum for the “Fecia di Cossato”, a Nazario Sauro class submarine, in accordance with the agreement between the Trieste Port Authority and the Italian Navy, ensuring its preservation and appreciation, particularly with regard to public accessibility.

To achieve this mission, the Institute intends, among other things:

  • to carry out a coordinated programme of work for the conservation, restoration and redevelopment of internationally and culturally significant state-owned property and industrial archaeological sites in the Old Port of Trieste;
  • to raise awareness of the cultural heritage of the Port of Trieste through initiatives suited to the nature and intended use of the area;
  • to redevelop the hydrodynamic plant and electrical substation in the Old Port, designating them as an educational-museum complex of national interest for the propagation of technical and scientific skills and knowledge, especially pertaining to the maritime sector;
  • to design, plan and implement continuous training activities for port and maritime personnel, as well as providing careers guidance, refresher courses and retraining of maritime-port workers;
  • to promote, organise and host meetings, debates, conferences, conventions, seminars, audiovisual presentations, exhibitions and other cultural events.