The strategic project “SUSPORT – SUStainable PORTs”, led by the Port Network Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea, is co-financed by the Italy-Croatia Interreg Programme 2014-2020.

Project Objective

Maritime transport is the most sustainable way of transporting goods from the environmental and energy point of view. However, port operations also have an impact on air quality and greenhouse gas emissions.
Currently, the ports of the cross-border area do not have a common model of environmental planning and energy efficiency: the Italian Port System Authorities have ministerial guidelines published in December 2018, which however do not apply to Porto Nogaro. At the same time, the Croatian ports have their own impact mitigation strategies.

SUSPORT intends to enhance the environmental sustainability and energy efficiency of the ports in Italy and Croatia through increased institutional cooperation to create the basis for coordinated and permanent governance at cross-border level, jointly developing action plans and a long-term strategy.

Through SUSPORT, ports of the Programme Area will be able to share best practices and develop common methodologies for environmental sustainability and energy efficiency, to be tested in concrete pilot actions significantly improving the environmental performance of maritime transport in the whole Programme Area.

Lead partner

Port Network Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea – Ports of Trieste and Monfalcone (Italy)


Consorzio di Sviluppo Economico del Friuli (Italy); North Adriatic Sea Ports Authority (Italy); Venice International University (Italy); Institute for Transport and Logistics Foundation (Italy); Port of Ravenna Authority (Italy); Central Adriatic Ports Authority (Italy); Agenzia di Sviluppo, Azienda Speciale della Camera di Commercio Chieti Pescara (Italy); Southern Adriatic Sea Port Authority (Italy); Port of Rijeka Authority (Croatia); Intermodal Transport Cluster (Croatia); Port of Zadar Authority (Croatia); Port of Split Authority (Croatia); Port of Ploče Authority (Italy); Dubrovnik Port Authority (Croatia); Dubrovnik Neretva County (Croatia).


30 months – from July 2020 until December 2022


7.142.000,00 euros (total); 6.070.700,00 (ERDF)

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