FENIX – A European FEderated Network of Information eXchange in Logistics

The Port Network Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea acts as Implementing Body for the Italian Ministry of Transport within the FENIX project, co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility – CEF, with an overall budget of 60,863,464 euros – out of which 800,000 euros will be managed by the Port Network Authority. The FENIX consortium, led by ERTICO ITS Europe, encompasses a broad range of actors from the logistics community: 43 beneficiaries are working towards the implementation of innovative actions on 11 pilot sites, covering 9 TEN-T corridors. The project started in April 2019 and will run for 36 months.

FENIX aims to support the development, validation and deployment of the digital information systems along the EU Transport Core Network. It will develop the first European federated architecture for data sharing serving the European logistics community of shippers, logistics service providers, mobility infrastructure providers, cities, and authorities in order to offer interoperability between any individual existing and future platform. In doing so, the Network will build upon results achieved in the framework of other EU-funded projects, namely AEOLIX (H2020) and CO-GISTICS (CIP).

In particular, the Port Network Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea is closely cooperating with public authorities and private operators along the Mediterranean and Baltic-Adriatic TEN-T corridors as well as the South-east Europe Motorway of the Sea to develop standardized and interoperable IT solutions enabling tracking systems and slot management.


Website: fenix-network.eu/